The Baroness Hera Caroline

In our hearts forever

In late May we tragically lost our precious little girl, Hera. We are heartbroken. From the day she came into our lives she became the center of our world. Our grief is immense, but we attempt to find solace in the fact that we gave her the best life we could dream for her.

She loved to play pool ball more than anything. Wanting you to throw the ball, so that she could fetch it and run back to the edge of pool and drop it in the water. Then she would bark at the floating ball until you retrieved it and repeated the process.

She enjoyed playing in her yard, protecting it from deer and birds. When she went to Central Park, she could take you directly to all her favorite grassy spots. She loved being with her daddies, and we loved being with her. She traveled to places near and far, and she always got excited when a cheese plate was served.

She brought light to darkness, joy to sorrow, and showed us the awesome power of unconditional love. She liked to greet Patrick at the door every evening and follow him around throwing a ball at his feet. She never went to bed without giving Martin lots of kisses and then stealing a spot on his pillow.

We miss her greatly, but our love for her is eternal. She remains our Boobear, our Poocious, our very own little goddess. We will love you forever.

Last Modified: Fri 20 May 2022